I am in my second term of the MLIS program at UWO and have an HBA in Psychology from Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario. I was born and raised in Northern Ontario and lived between Sudbury and Blind River (two hours from Sudbury) for most of my life. My move to London, ON has helped me to realize that I will always be a Northerner at heart (even though London is very wonderful itself!) and hope to someday find a rewarding career in the North.

For anyone interested, here are a couple of tidbits about myself:

  • I am the middle child of five kids
  • I was homeschooled till Grade 10
  • I was a competitive figure skater for many years as a child and miss the freedom of the ice beneath my feet!
  • I grew up going to the library almost every week and developed a love for the calming feeling of the books and the librarians who loved their jobs
  • I am an avid runner/workout fanatic and love living a clean, healthy life
  • I own two cats: Nova, a 5 year black and white cat (with lots of personality) and Kaos, a 4 year old large orange cat (who loves to cuddle)

This is just a little bit about me. I hope to use this blog as a means to document my progress through this social media course as I learn new and useful ways to use the internet.



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