Lesson 13: Reflections and Wrap-Up

        Wow, can’t believe that it has been 13 weeks already! I always get so happy but so nostalgic at the end of a semester/term and in this case it is no different! This course itself has taught me a lot about social media and various topics that I did not have a lot of knowledge about previously. I have to say that even if a topic was difficult to grasp that it was always useful and always something that I will take into the working world. Specifically, blogging has been a very interesting skill that I have learned that I really like! I have always liked sharing my thoughts and have never considered this as such a productive medium. I will definitely take this skill and consider applying it to my life. Other topics that I have learned to love include RSS feeds and RSS readers, tagging, and social gaming! 

I know that all of the topics will be useful in the library setting. Some are already being used but others (like social gaming) can definitely prosper from more attention and development. I am excited to have this knowledge so that, if I ever have the opportunity, I can apply it.

So, I guess this leaves me with a “see you later” as I move onto my third and LAST term in my Masters! 

I hope that for anyone reading my blog that maybe I have taught you at least a little bit too!



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